LTAG Substantive Hearing Adjourned

As with many legal claims against HMRC, just days before the substantive Judicial Review hearing scheduled for Jan 26 2017 HMRC requested additional time from the LTAG team and from the Court.  In preparation for the hearing, LTAG had undertaken a substantial amount of legal work in order to submit detailed claims in response to defences put forward by HMRC.  LTAG’s and HMRC’s papers had been lodged at the High Court.  Because of this process, LTAG has been able to identify exactly what HMRC believes are its key defences.  LTAG and its legal team have a firm view that those defences are not correctly based in law.  The LTAG claim will seek to prove this in Court.

Albeit this means a short delay for the initial substantive hearing, LTAG are pleased with the adjournment since it allows the claim to better prepared.

For LLP partners, the good news is that they can still join the LTAG claim.

Please contact us directly, JOIN LTAG, or via your preferred promoter, agent or representative as soon as possible so that we may assess your case on an individual basis.