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Certainty and Finality

Imagine a world where there is no certainty and no finality.  A world where nothing needs to be settled and determined.

Happily we don’t live in that world.  We have laws that are designed to provide closure.  Closure either because something needs to be settled and is or closure where if nothing is done then the matter is closed automatically.  In this regard there are typically deadlines for certain actions to be taken.

This is as true for the statutes that govern HMRC as it is in general law.  HMRC has deadlines within which it must work.

For many taxpayers who entered into tax solutions many years ago it seems absurd that HMRC has to date not settled their personal position – albeit for some that may also be blessing if they can’t pay their likely bill.  The questions is can HMRC take as long as it likes in all circumstances.

At LTAG we are claiming that this is firmly not the case.  HMRC must work within it’s own legal statutes.  For many tax solutions LTAG has identified that HMRC are completely out of time to recoup historic repayments made to taxpayers.

Contact LTAG to see if your circumstances mean that HMRC are out of time.